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The enterprises of the TEAZ company are engaged in production of special-purpose machines, appliances and lines for automotive, rubber, paper, chemical and food industry and other industrial sectors. You can meet the products of our company not only in Czech Republic but also in other countries.

TEAZ offers to its customers complex services for solving automation processes for new machines and lines, and also automation of existing appliances. Individual parts of services portfolio of the TEAZ company are offered to our customers also separately.


TEAZ s.r.o. specializes to design and realization of automated machines and lines, and also automation of existing appliances. A solution of the demand is performed from functional analysis through design of machine parts, software, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives, to project realization.
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TEAZ s.r.o. offers services related to production and assembly of machines. The machinery of the company enables individual and short-run production of toolmaker quality parts. An assembly of machines and lines is ensured from primary production to completing, to activation of individual systems and installation of the equipment at the customer's site.
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TEAZ s.r.o. ensures warranty and after-warranty service of the machines, appliances and production lines. Furthermore, the company offers emergency services, overhauls and renewal of appliances. Repair and service activities are offered not only for appliances realized by the TEAZ company.
The Teaz company executes or participates in relocation and activation of production machines,
equipment and lines.
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